6 months after playing festival de Marseille (pic) we're back on the train for a video shoot to this city we love so much, and escaping the cold of Berlin. Feeling energized and anticipating this first shared experience with a new track of ours, out from the box into the bodies of a whole crew of protagonists, directors, organizers and helpers.. wooo!!Duo OY on stage at festival de Marseile. You can see the crowd and the band from afar, lit in spectaculour blue light.



Summer was..

..a blast! We had the pleasure of playing on wonderful stages such as Les Eurockéennes de Belfort (water edition, rowing to stage) and Festival de Marseille at Théâtre Sylvain. It's when we realized even more what we'd been missing all this time. Tell us what can replace the live experience? no.thing. <3 
OY playing on a floating stage. Picture taken from the shore, with water between the viewer and the stage.




We're very excited to be back on stage again after more than 2 years! Our first concerts will take place in Zurich, Rote Fabrik, and at Nouveau Monde Fribourg as part of our residency in their club. Oh yes, there's light at the end of the tunnel.. there is. <3



New music is pending while we're still hanging loose between the past and the future.
On a philosophical level, a crisis could be compared to migration - there is trauma, there are uncertainties, there is hope - that our societies could learn lessons. We are all connected, and the major challenges of our time are global ones. We need to stop pretending that what affects another part of the planet will have no effect on us. Stop exploitation of people, of animals, of nature, of countries. Come on, come, on, come on, common ground!



We're busy as bees... writing new OY songs, collaborating on theatre productions or animation movies, exploring the space within and around us, digging.. and starting to feel excited about being back on stage with our new material in the not so far future, yo!

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